Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

Address: 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Phone: (602) 273-3300
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 707973


  • Mashable

    There's free wi-fi here, so no need to miss that important email...or a chance to play some Angry Birds.
  • Eamon ??

    The carpet is covered in airplanes. Once seen they cannot be unseen.
  • SkyMall

    Best food in all terminals... Paradise Bakery! Don't forget to ask for a spoon or a fork if you need one as they don't offer it up. Finding out you need one on the plane isn't pleasant!
  • David Armano

    The airport is bigger than it looks. Be sure to move quickly in between connections.
  • Stephanie Lough

    Shoes and belts off, laptop out BEFORE you reach the security conveyer belt. You're already waiting in line, just do it already!
  • B.J. Ellis

    Check out the free internet. Good way to kill 90 minutes.
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    On several occasions Ive had enough miles to upgrade to Pilot.
  • Jay Feitlinger

    Find a power plug
  • Aaron Post

    free wifi
  • Camille McCutcheon

    Leave any and all firearms at home.
  • Joel King

    Quit are about to participate in the miracle of flight.
  • SkyMall

    Park on the roof of terminal 2, its cheaper than parking at any other terminal and its closer than the economy lots to all terminals
  • Mark Schumacher

    Free WIFI!!! Awesome!
  • Rick Taylor

    Watch people walk around looking for an outlet...especially when you've found the last one!
  • Michael Tchong

    Free Wi-Fi! Hooray, Phoenix!
  • Visit Phoenix

    Welcome to Phoenix! Follow us here on Foursquare for tips about where to go and what to do while you are here! You can also find us on Facebook/VisitPhoenix and Twitter (@VisitPhoenix).
  • David Petersen

    You are allowed to bring dogs into the airport. Next time you are picking up a friend, bring your dog inside. Everyone will love it.
  • sam sanchez

    Take advantage of free wifi!!!!
  • Jessica Florence

    Free wifi! Yay!!
  • Josh Sieg

    This airport will never NOT be under construction. Give yourself plenty of time for slow traffic.
  • John Tyler

    Use checkpoints A and B for US Airways, D and C for Southwest.
  • CactusCraig

    Free wi-fi
  • NPR

    Welcome to Phoenix! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 89.5 (KBAQ) or FM 91.5 (KJZZ). Enjoy your trip.
  • Brian Mayer

    Republican senators tend to hang out in the mens room stalls near gate A17 in terminal 4.
  • jennifer clifton

    Park in the parking garage & not the shuttle lots when you're picking someone up. Or better yet, use Cell Phone Lots for free.
  • Adan Hinojosa

    Wear sandals for easy passing through security. Screw the fashion police.
  • Andrew Barlow

    Free Wi-Fi is great :)
  • Ty Largo

    JuxtaTip: Welcome to Arizona. 5 Must try places to eat: Quiessence, Binkley's, Kai, Essence Bakery Cafe, FnB. Say hi to me while you're in town!
  • @RalphPaglia #TravelLikeRalph

    Always plenty of parking on 8th level, and if running late, use a $5 tip to get fast ride to gate after security checkpoint.
  • Mark Brinkerhoff

    While free wi-fi is much appreciated, can't find a recharge outlet at any gate to save your life. Oh, the irony!
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