American Express Desert Ridge

Address: 18850 N 56th St
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Category: Office
Check Ins: 23942


  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    Great place, except theres no solar motorcycle parking.
  • David Drewek

    Visit OB2, best building on campus!
  • Denise B

    OH David! Best building is OB1 it is labeled #1! :)
  • Carmen A

    Remember to link ur Amex card to 4sq and check-in to the cafeteria for $5 credit b4 7/1.
  • Denise B

    This is a duplicate of Desert Ridge campas.
  • Alison Betts

    Sorry but my ore is for OB2!
  • Alison Betts

    Sorry but my vote is for OB2!
  • Amit Dhumash

    It should be called as Indian express. Lol
  • Angela Morabito

    Didn't make it to Starbucks? You can grab a grande Tazo tea for 70-cents from the cafe/shop on the 1st floor of Building 1 (OB1). Yes, I said cents.
  • Stephen Abbott

    Great company to work for! Outstanding culture! This place knows how to operate a business while maintaining the balance of treating their employees and customers with integrity and kindness.
  • Heather Dishman

    OB2 rules! Our murals are flashy :-)
  • Aaron Carpenter

    Get a free health screening at Wellness center today.
  • Eduardo Fontes

  • Harry Dresden

    The Magic Cafe rules
  • Mimi

    Do u have an elevator speech
  • Cheryl Cisneros

    absolutely true
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